Tuesday, January 10, 2012


What to save?
What to get rid of?
Time to clean out the closets!  Both the ones in your home, as well as the ones in your life !

If you have 'stuff' that hasn't been looked at for six months or more,
Get. It. Out.
Let. Them. Go.

In the Personal Year 9, things come to a head.  Culminations.  Even endings.  The Universe will gently remove those things that no longer serve you. 
Gently.....as long as you see the Light, and are agreeable.
Possibly not so gently, if you are averse to change......

Trust me.....it's all in your best interests.
Next year is a "1" year, a year full of promise and potential....new beginnings.
But, we all know we can't bring in the new without eliminating the old and worn-out.

It's time to clean the closet of your life, make new choices, and create room for all the good stuff that's coming.

Most importantly, this is not just about the physical junk in our lives:

  Old thinking that no longer serves you. 

Old fears. 

Unhealthy habits.

Dysfunctional Relationships.

Resentments that keep us from moving on.

And please....those shoes you got in Italy when you took that trip 20 years ago...Ok, they were cute....and certainly unique..... but you know you're never going to wear them again.  They're never going to fit, and they're uncomfortable as sin!

This is also a year for making important contacts.  Avenues of communication will definitely be wide open to you.

There are a lot of green lights in a Personal Year 9. (Ok, we all know what a green light looks like, so I'm not posting a picture of one; enough is enough.)

All those plans that you had that never came together?
Well, in the Personal Year of 9, they do!

And why?  Because finally.....They ALL Make Sense (and not just to me).

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  1. Good description for my year so far. You read my mind. Thank you!