Friday, June 1, 2012

The Goldmine

Some call it Karma. 
Others--"We reap what we sow".... "Give, and you shall receive." 

This isn't SOLELY about our treatment of each other. 
This is our general attitude towards life
Are we open-hearted or closed-hearted?   

Basically, it's all about what we give to life, that allows life to give back to us.

Life is relationship,
Life is harmony,
Life is abundance,
  Life is perfect health....

We know by what we are experiencing, if we are giving to life, or simply expecting life to give to us.

What are you giving to life today? 
I mean, besides the expectations of a better one?


This is my wish for you:
I wish you love.  Not just to be the recipient of it....
or even the giver of it.....
but to be the very essence of love itself, because that is what we are meant to give to life, in order to receive from life.

That is life. 

AND THAT is the Goldmine!

It all makes sense to me.....
Please tell me it does to you too.
How could it not?

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